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PACAH 2018 Fall Keynote Speaker

 Larry Johnson - Author, Speaker, Corporate Culture Expert


​For thirty years, Larry Johnson has helped organizations build more productive and profitable working cultures through the development of strong leaders and dedicated employees. He has received rave reviews from more than 150,000 business, government, and health-care professionals for his presentations on the topics of leadership, change, customer service, and honesty in business. Additionally, Larry has eight years of real life experience as a manager in health care, three years as a manager in city government, and 26 years as president of his own consulting firm.

Larry earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and worked as a professional mental health counselor for eight years as well as directing a 40 bed in-patient unit for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill.

He has been the primary caretaker for his wife CJ since she incurred a traumatic brain injury in 2003 which left her completely paralyzed. He often presents their inspirational story to health care audiences

Larry is the co-author of the highly acclaimed, top-selling book, "Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture that Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity," as well as "Generations Inc: From Boomers to Linksters, Managing the Friction between Generations at Work."

He has also written more than 60 articles, published in recognized business and association journals.

Powerful Presentations

STRAIGHT TALK: Communicating with Honesty & Integrity





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