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2018 - 2019 Marketing and Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Andrew Naugle, Administrator, Centre Crest

​​Richard Adams, Commandant, Southwestern Veterans Center

James Aurand, Administrator, Susque-View Nursing & Rehabilitation

Chaz Balsano, Business Development, AdvantageCare Rehabilitation, LLC

Colleen Balsano, Vice President of Operations, AdvantageCare Rehabilitation, LLC 

Terence Brennan, Administrator, Berks Heim Nursing & Rehabilitation

Jessica Hoffman, Supervisor, Health Care Services, Arnett Carbis Toothman, LLP

Kimberly Kelly-Clutter, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Affinity Health Services

Christal Ostrowski, LPN, CMP, PCHA, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Development, Guardian Elder Care

Jennifer Rhodes, PC Administrator, Beechwood Court/Lafayette Manor

Elizabeth Seibert, Deputy Commandant, Pennsylvania Soldiers' and Sailors' Home 

Andrew Smith, PELICAN Insurance, RRG

Jennifer Stewart-King, Interim Administrator, Gracedale, Nursing Home

Tricia Whaley, Senior Director Business Development, Complete Healthcare Resources - Eastern, Inc.